• 12 metres x 6 metres (40ft x 20ft)
  • Depth - 15cm - 2.4m (6" - 8ft)
  • Eco friendly salt water system
  • Low maintenance
  • Large paved surround
  • Government approved infra-red alarm system
  • Heavy duty liner
  • Winter cover
  • Insulated summer cover
  • Electric pool robot
  • The swimming pool was completely refurbished by us in 2006 and fitted with a heavy duty vinyl liner. It is a salt water system which means that the chlorine levels are very low; none of our gite guests has ever had a problem with 'chlorine eyes'. It is fitted with the latest type of French government approved infra-red alarm system for complete peace of mind.

    There are many benefits to a salt water system; the water feels very soft and silky and the water sparkles more than with a chlorine system. The running costs are very low, we spend approximately 30€ on salt every year. Other pool chemicals are rarely, if ever, required. The pump and electrolyser were both replaced with new units in 2012.

    There is an insulated summer cover (new in 2012) and a full winter cover. The robot, made by Aquaturbo, is fitted with rubber rollers for maximum cleaning power. It is easy to use, simply chuck it in, set the timer and let it do its thing and come back to a clean and sparkling pool. There is a large paved area surrounding the pool.



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